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This page is for the awards that I have been given.
They are truly appreciated and I want to "THANK" everyone who have presented them to me.
Also this page is very slow in loading and I hope to correct as soon as possible.

Portrait Of An Angel
Here is my lastest award presented to me
Tuesday June 15, 1999--Thanks "BRATCATS

If you would like to apply for one of my awards,
please E-mail me and leave me your "URL" to view and your e-mail address.
It has to be family orientated--"NO ADULT ONLY" sites!!
Let me know what one you want-- either number "one" or number "two".
I also would appreciate it if your would
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The following is a picture of the wolf that I have adopted since Sept. of "1999". She lives at the "THEWOLF EDUCATION AND RESEARCH CENTER" in Windchester, Idaho.

Matsi - "sweet and brave" At six years of age, Matsi continues to be the closest individual to the beta (or second highest ranking) role. He has traditionally been known as the "caretaker" of the pack, looking after the pups and omegas. Although there are no more "pups" in the pack, he still seems to tolerate more of the obnoxious behavior the adolescents (or sub-adults) occasionally are prone to. His role continues to be well respected even though he rarely enforces it. His nearly white coat blends in well with snowfall, which makes him one of the most difficult wolves to observe in the winter.



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