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Wolf Park Logo The picture of the beautiful wolf on the first page is of "NK"
 who was born in 1989 and he is the alpha male of his small pack at "WOLF PARK".

Monty Sloan was the photographer of the photo.

You can visit wolf park by clicking on the logo to the sides.


Wolf Park Logo
This my is my first award. (I now have more listed on "PAGE FOUR")

Thank you Wild Musk for it. I am very honored to receive it.

My page was done at first on a "SONY WEBTV/CLASSIC." Since Sept of "98" I have switch to the "SONY WEBTV/PLUS" unit.

Please check out my other links. There is a lot of good information on the different organizations who are trying with public help and awareness in saving the wolves and protecting their living areas.
I have adopted a "Cyber Wolf". I have named her "LADY ECHO after the Siberian Husky I mentioned before".
This is a picture of our late Siberian Husky- "LADY ECHO BLUE:
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My Personal Hotlist:

Please continue on to the next "TWO PAGES" for some great pictures of wolves.
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